Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another fishing with PD story

Went to use up worm at Scott’s Ridge about 11:30. Stood around like a dude and a guy came along and said there was 30 ft of water off the point so I thought why not. I walked a little ways and came to a bog. Tried going around it, but had to navigate an old monster log over a small(?) stump water bog. I was doing okay with rod in one hand and minicooler in the other my center of gravity slipped a little bit and over I went into the stump water: I caught my sock with one hook and it caused my line to break. Then I noticed I had raked open a fire ant mound, raked across some berry vines, skint my wrist on a tree and not only stepped into a stump water swamp, but actually rolled around in it and soaked my wallet. It is still soaked. Then I tied the broken line back onto the outer hook and in so doing a) the inner hook line came off so I had to retie that too b) the other hook slid down when the sinkers came free and stuck me in the thumb. Meanwhile I just stood there in stump water, minding my own business looking to be sure no one saw me and finishing tying off the line and securing the hooks so they couldn’t get me again. I calmly stood there in the shade, near the bulkheads while the pleasant breeze dried me off. When enough time had passed, I went home and stopped at Jack in the Crack and had a $5 or $6 lunch and came back in the garage to finish making the hanging of my kayak a 1-man proposition. (sort of). And I thought to myself, what a wonderful Saturday it had been but then I remembered it was Tuesday. Damn.